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waffl mini towel - stealth black

waffl mini towel - stealth black

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waffl minis are here. The ultimate towel you know and love, in a smaller size.

  • small size - the size of the waffl mini opens up the possibilities making it great for the gym, camping, cycling or even golf!  

  • cooling - the perfect length to wet with cold water and place around your neck during a hard workout, to keep yourself cool and refreshed.
  • fast drying - waffl towels dry up to 4x faster than regular cotton towels.

  • bacteria fighting - won't start to smell damp and unpleasant.

  • compact - takes up 50% less space than a regular towel of the same size.

  • super absorbent - absorbs up to 4x it's weight. 

   waffl towels will be subject to some shrinkage when washed, this is normal.


100% Cotton


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Towel Size : 31.5" x 17.7"
Logo Size : 6" x 1.7"
Towel Weight : 3.4 oz

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