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waffl Beach Towel and Hair Wrap Bundle

waffl Beach Towel and Hair Wrap Bundle

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All the great features of our towels, while being kind to your hair.

  • Updated design - now with a button on the back for a more secure hold.
  • Reduced frizz - reduces blow dry time required as well as static caused by rubbing your hair, meaning less frizz!
  • Lightweight and compact - weighing less than 3 oz, there is less pressure on your neck when wearing for longer periods compared to a towel and, being so small, taking them on holiday with you won't hurt your luggage allowance.

  • Super easy to use - simply twist your wet hair in the towel, wrap over the top and tuck the button through the elastic loop!

  • Protection - our wraps aren't just for after a shower. Wear them on the beach or by the pool to protect your hair from harmful UV rays.
  • Fast drying - waffl wraps dry up to 4x faster than regular terry towel wraps.

  • Bacteria fighting - won't start to smell damp and unpleasant.

  • Super absorbent - absorbs up to 4x it's weight, drying your hair quickly.


waffl Hair Wrap : 100% Cotton
waffl Towel : 100% Cotton


All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Texas;

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Wrap size : 27" x 10.6"
Logo size : 2.95" x 1"
Wrap weight : 2.65 oz

Towel size : 59" x 37"
Logo Size : 8.3" x 2.6"
Towel Weight : 12.4 oz

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